Pizza with a Purpose

At Nick's, it is our goal to serve you great food at reasonable prices.  But isn't that a given?  That was the question we asked ourselves when deciding to launch this business.  We wanted to do more, so we created "Pizza with a Purpose." 


First and foremost, we have decided that a portion of every single dollar that comes into our establishment will go to help others.  We intend on pledging these earnings toward things such as mission trips, homelessness, and veterans' affairs, just to name a few.  Secondly, we intend on being a part of the fabric of the community by helping businesses grow, helping people connect, and being an excellent place for people to work.  Last and certainly not least, we are working on a scholarship program for kids in the Castle Shannon community so we can help the youth enhance their lives.   

Pizza with a Purpose is a platform with no boundaries.  We want to continue to develop programs that have a positive influence on people, and we hope that by purchasing our products, you also feel like you are helping to make a difference in people's lives.  We look forward to serving you ~ Dan & Krista 

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